National Poetry Month 2014

Today is April 4, so, once again, I begin in a "hurry and catch up" mode.

And today, 12 days later, it is April 16. Later than any of the other annual poem-a-day challenges. It appears that I have failed, but for this year choose to be more forgiving and relaxed about the process than I have been in previous years. This year I choose to play with the interpretation of "one poem per day" and write the poems when they flow freely and share them with you after their arrival.

1. Your Eyes Are Music

Your eyes are music
to my mind. Your
hair, like gently rolling
hills of Autumn sunsets, holds
your face
the way a mother
gently caresses
her baby
in the early morning

I am at the end
of a rainbow
and my reward shines
in the love I feel
and give and
receive. I am
at the end
of my journey. I
have found
what my soul
needs; what
my heart beats
for, and
what my living
and being


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