Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What A Difference A Day Makes!

Dinah Washington's beautiful and romantic reminder, the song, What A Difference A Day Makes, stirs my emotions and my logic.  Yes, logic.  On the surface, this time-tested song is about a woman who is happy to have met a new lover, but it is about so much more, if you look beyond the immediate pop appeal and memorable tune.  Logically, it's a reminder to pack joy into every new day and to put the pain and struggles of our past behind us.

Here in South Carolina, in just one week, we've experience snow, sleet, ice and an earthquake.

Palm With Icicles
I was attending a conference in Myrtle Beach, ready to network and learn from Monday until Wednesday and then head back home across the state.  A four-hour drive made shorter by my lively playlist and the anticipation of a half-finished project that would be completed in time for my sweetheart Dewey to return home from his trip out of state for a Valentine's Day dinner.  Monday was great.  Even the potentially odd weather forecast (lots of snow and ice and school closings) didn't dampen plans and spirits, but what a difference a day made!  Tuesday, the conference organizers were monitoring weather reports and speaker cancellations, finally deciding to cut short the conference by a day and give everyone time to drive home.  I did not drive home.  Home was now icy roads and sleet and rain and below-freezing temperatures.  All of the roads on my drive home had already begun to ice over, and even ever-sunshiny Myrtle Beach was sporting icicles off the roof of the hotel, off the leaves of potted palms and all of the pool furniture. What a difference a day makes! Indeed.

This is what the beach is supposed to look like
The good news is that I finally made the drive home...two days after my original departure date.  I also finished the project and my Dewey made it home on time.  As I left Myrtle Beach, I took a little time for posting on Facebook and shared a photo of sunny skies and perky palm trees.  My status update:  What a difference a day makes!

Today I was reminded  (AGAIN) of how important and precious each new day should be for all of us.  A friend lost a friend to cancer, and she shared this quote, "Don't postpone joy".  With every new day we have another opportunity to engage in and share joy.  Typically, mostly, casually and absent-mindedly we engage in bitterness, fear, and regret and so many other negatives.  Why do we slip away from joy so easily?  What will it take for us to change?  I am hopeful that we will all begin looking at each new day as a new opportunity to smile, to sing happy songs, to thank the people in our lives, to hug those closest to us, to think of sunshine and to make space in our hearts and minds for joy! No matter what happened yesterday or the day before or even 20 years ago, today is a brand new opportunity.  Today is a clean slate.  Today can be filled with joy!  Let's do it.  We know it's possible.  We can begin by singing along.  What a difference a day makes!