About Me

I play with words: I share life and food stories. I share stories about art and the art of living…through struggles and toward happiness and love. I put your thoughts to my pen and write copy for websites, marketing materials, social media profiles--whatever you need.
I stir the soup: I share the art of home cooking as it was shared with me by my mother, my grandmother and my aunt.
I dig dirt:I find inspiration in digging dirt, being in the outdoors and hanging out in coffee shops--great triggers for the building of poems.

My name is Despina Panagakos Yeargin and you can: 

  • Follow me on twitter where I'm known as @DespiDoodle.  
  • Find me at AboutMe , where I post my virtual business card. 
  • Connect with me on tumblr, where I share oodles & oodles of 50-Word Doodles.
  • Subscribe to my food blog at Good Cook Cooking, where you can be a good cooker too!

I really like to help people.  I hope it shows.