Sunday, February 17, 2013

Love x 14 = real connections

Custom Valentine For Granddaughters, Corley and Olivia
Occasionally we stumble upon some little idea which manages to make big things appear (or reappear) in our lives.  This month I read a tweet by Amy Taylor of Brains of Fire.  @NoMeatballs (Amy's twitter handle) had a teeny idea.  She was going to do things in a very back-to-the-future way.  Idea: Take time to focus on 14 special friends and create a custom valentine for them.  One card per person.  One meditation per person. One break at a time stolen from our hurry-up-and-hurry world.

Bravo, Amy.  As usual, the "little things", when fully realized, became THE BIG THINGS.

For each of the friends that I sent my cards to, I want you all to know that as I worked on your valentine I thought about you and who you are to me in my life.  I meditated on who I see you as, what might be important to you in your life or perhaps an experience that we've shared.  I wondered about which Sharpies I would use to craft your custom valentine and I thought of you smiling and maybe shrieking with delight when you opened your gift.

Amy's #Lovex14 project was small this year. Next year it will be BIG, I am convinced of this.  Why don't you connect with @NoMeatballs now, and get ahead of the big swarm of activity for next year's Valentines Day?