Wednesday, December 9, 2015

New Year's Resolutional

I've tried the list--writing it and sticking to it. Doesn't work for me. Has it worked for you? I find that, for most people, making a bucket list and following through is easier than making and sticking to a list of New Year's Resolutions. Maybe it's because we share them publicly, maybe it's because we have too many items on our list, maybe it's because change is difficult. It's easier for me to work on one thing at a time, and a list feels too formal and too much like a list of chores.

If the resolutions work for you on the blank slate of the brand new year, go for it! I'll cheer you on. If they don't, then join me in resolving never to build such a list again...until it's time, even if it's three quarters of the way through the soon-to-be old year. If you don't care either way and would like a good laugh, try the list at this link. It's 20 New Year's Resolutions on Twitter That are Funnier Than Yours. A laugh from 2014.

My friend, international speaker and presentations coach, Deb Sofield, speaks to this in a recent episode of her radio show, Encouragement for Your Life. (The link will take you to her blog, which features the first part of her show in print and the full audio version of the show at the bottom.) Deb's December 4th show features a little tough love for us all about the way in which we make resolutions at the beginning of each year and then (for the majority of us) we break them all. Give this show a try and see if you don't agree with Deb.

Listening to Deb's shows or reading her blog or newsletter has strengthened me and has pushed me to take action towards some of my dreams. Deb has encouraged me to expect more of myself and to move forward with more kindness, but also with strength and determination. She's been a good and gently nudging conscience on my shoulder, pushing me to do and struggle and grow in the direction of my greatest goals and ambitions. Somehow, that little nudge each week has helped just enough, I go!

If you'd like to listen to more of Deb's show, tune in to iTunes or Stitcher for past and future shows.

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